Mobile Cloud Computing

Is there something like “Mobile Cloud Computing”? (a question I am after since early 2009)

A quick Internet research provides evidence that MCC might indeed get away from being a “bwc” (buzz word combination) and turn into something substantial.

Fundamental Reflections on MCC
- MCC basic elements: Mobile Device, Mobile Network, Cloud Computing (IaaS/PaaS), Cloud Serivce (SaaS)
- Mobile Devices: The dominant share will remain low-end, with very limited resources
- Mobile Networks: Shannon/Nyquist, channel characteristics/impairments
- Cloud Computing: Depends on communications, provides virtually unlimted resources on-demand, …
- Users look for something that may be called “on-service, on-demand, on-(any)-device”

A Few Resources
Mobile Cloud Computing Demo
ABI Research : Enterprise Mobile Cloud Computing
ABI Research: Mobile Cloud Applications

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