eTOM Fulfilment

Empirical evaluation of eTOM Fullfillment implementation by China Telecom


  • Provider: China Telecom
  • Location: Guangzhou, Panyu district, Clifford Estate, Watermark
  • Service: ADSL
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): Maximum Service Activation time = 10800s

Definition of eTOM Fulfilment Process, Service Configuration and Activation module (Full eTOM Map by Amdocs).

  • Allocate Specific Service Parameters to Services
  • Track & Manage Service Provisioning
  • Implement & Configure & Activate Service
  • Test Service End-to-End
  • Issue Service Orders
  • Report Service Provisioning
  • Close Service Order
  • Recover Service

Evaluation Context

  • Simplified and opportunistic
  • Time frame 2010-2012
  • Sample size N=4
  • RV := T_SA in seconds (SA := Service Activation)


  • MAX(T_SA_SLA)=10800s
  • P_T_SA less or equal to 10800s = 1 (P := Probability)
  • P_T_SA less or equal to 600s = 1 (!)

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