LTE Deployments and Operations


Some announcements in chronological order (early adopters first)

Jun – Sep 2010- Deutsche Telekom deploys and operates first LTE base station in Kyritz (Brandenburg) and expands in rest of Germany, T-Mobile LTE in Baden-Würtemberg and T-Mobile LTE in Bavaria

Sep 2010 – First Telefonica O2 LTE pilot up and running in Munich, Bavaria, c.f. O2 LTE in Baviara

Sep 2010 – Vodafone deployed first comercial LTE base station in Germany (Ostseebad Heiligendamm), c.f. Vodafone LTE in Ostseebad Heiligendamm

Jul 2010 – NokiaSiemensNetworks and LightSquared team-up to build, deploy, and operate a U.S. wholesale-only, integrated wireless broadband and satellite network, c.f. NSN and LightSquared LTE in USA

Sep 2010 – Ericsson launches its first LTE network in North America, c.f. Ericsoon LTE in USA

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